Selfie Raja Movie Review

Selfie Raja Movie Review

Cast: Allari Naresh, Kamna, Sakshi Chowdhary, Saptagiri, Thagubothu Ramesh, Pruthvi, Ravibabu, Krishna Bhagwan, Sri Lakshmi and Others

Music: Sai Kartheek

Cinematography: Lok Nath

Producer: Ramabrahmam Chowdary

Screenplay & Direction: Eshwar Reddy

Allari Naresh's flop streak began post 'Sudigaadu' and none of his past 10 releases have become decent success at Box Office. Our Comedy Hero took ample time for his next and finally decided to work under Eshwar Reddy's Direction for 'Selfie Raja'. The duo has earlier teamed up for 'Siddu From Srikakulam'. This new project generated decent buzz due to the title and 'Cheppanu Brother' spoof in the theatrical trailer.


Raja (Allari Naresh), a youth who is crazy about selfies, changes him name to Selfie Raja. He marries Police Commissioner's Daughter Swetha (Kamna) but their married life had a hiccup. Swetha end their relationship on suspicion that Raja is cheating on her by being in a relationship with another Woman. Dejected with it, Raja hires a Gangster (Ravibabu) to kill him. In the meanwhile, Swetha realizes her mistake and unites with her Husband. But, The Gangster continues to do everything he can to get rid of Raja. Even Raja's rivals will keep searching for him to settle scores. How Raja escaped from all of them forms the rest of the tale..!


Allari Naresh does a dual role and changes his hair style a bit for this movie. He does the regular stuff for which he is known for and parody/spoofs were just okay. Certainly, He isn't at his very best again inspite of donning many get-ups.

None of the Two Heroines leave a positive impact. While Kamna performed decently in a couple of scenes, Sakshi Chowdhary fails big time. Pruthvi tried to evoke laughter with imitation of Balayya. Sapthagiri and Thagubothu Ramesh were alright. Rest of the Actors were adequate.


Hero's Introduction




Illogical Scenes



'Selfie Raja' scores poorly in Technical Aspects. Couple of songs composed by Sai Kartheek are fine. Background Score is ordinary.  Lok Nath's Camera Work is just okay. Dialogues lacked novelty. Production Values aren't bad. Director Eshwar Reddy appeared like he is least bothered about story and screenplay. Although there is his mark comedy in few scenes, Those weren't enough to bail out the movie from ending as a dud.


During the pre-release promotions, Allari Naresh proudly claimed he has learnt enough lessons from the mistakes he committed and audience will notice the change in 'Selfie Raja'. Upon watching Today's new release, People just wonder why Naresh changed to an extent that he now doesn't even bother to have a proper story & screenplay to make a movie. The viewer get a feeling that some of his past flops were much better than 'Selfie Raja'.

After the introduction scene of Hero, Audience come to an opinion that Allari Naresh seems to be making a good comeback. All the hopes were shattered with the illogical scenes which spoil the movie watching experience. Some of the cheap Comedy Sequences in 'Selfie Raja' were inspired from 'Jabardasth' aired by ETV.

Makers have chosen the title 'Selfie Raja' only to build the buzz and there is no significance to it what-so-ever. None of the scenes were either engaging or entertaining. The parodies and spoofs which we usually see in Allari Naresh's films are served again. From 'Arjun' to 'Nannaku Prematho', A lot of parodies were tried but none of them tickle the funny bone. Even WhatsApp jokes weren't spared.

While the First Half of 'Selfie Raja' is just passable, Second Half is unbearable.  The silly scenes and snake comedy irritates big time. Audience who have the patience to watch this poorly written and executed flick till the end titles deserves a pat on their backs

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